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We believe every building could be doing more for its owner and companies who lease its exterior.

In today's evolving marketplace, advances in "Smart City" initiatives, GreenEnergy technology, urban advertising, and more have increased the demand for connection between modern cities, suburbs, and rural areas with the technology that fuels them.

We are a unique property broker that specializes in acquisition and re-purposing the use of, not only rooftops, but also the external vertical space of buildings, aka: The Skins.

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About Skin Lease LLC

Larry Schoff - Skin Lease

Larry Schoff is a Senior Technical Consultant with over 30 years experience in the healthcare industry.

Larry founded Skin Lease, LLC in 2012 to assist building owners decrease costs as well as increase revenues, and help facilitate the propagation of advanced technologies that support the goals and objectives of Livability, Workability, and Sustainability.

We align our vendors with our building partners to:

Increase Revenue

Expand Sustainability

Decrease Costs & Risk

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Skin Lease, LLC

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